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While Enovid is in the process of being approved by the FDA, and has been approved by various countries such as India, Thailand, and Israel, it has yet to receive FDA approval.

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Enovid In the News

About Enovid Nasal Spray

Enovid was developed by Sanotize, a biotech company founded by Dr. Gilly Regev, who focuses on developing innovative treatments for various health conditions, particularly those caused by viral and bacterial infections. As an accomplished biochemist and entrepreneur, Dr. Regev has extensive experience researching the potential of nitric oxide.

Driven by her personal struggle with chronic sinusitis, Dr. Regev sought to explore the benefits of nitric oxide as a treatment for respiratory infections. In doing so, she uncovered its powerful antiviral properties and ability to inhibit virus replication. This breakthrough inspired her to create a product that could aid millions affected by respiratory illnesses, including COVID-19.

Clinical Trials

Early Stage

Lab tests (2020): Researchers first checked if the spray was safe and effective in controlled environments.

Phase 1

Phase 1 (early 2021): A small group of volunteers tried the spray to see if it was safe and figure out the right dose.

Phase 2

Phase 2 (mid-2021): More people joined in, helping to better understand the spray's safety and how well it worked.

Phase 3

Phase 3 (late 2021): Lots of people took part in this step, comparing the spray with a fake one (a placebo). The results were great – Enovid really lowered the chances of getting infected.

Green light

Green light (2022): After finishing the trials successfully, health authorities gave Enovid the thumbs up, so it became available to select countries.

Frequently Asked Questions
Does Enovid help prevent Covid-19 or help fight an active infection?

Both! By reducing the viral load in the nasal cavity by 99%, Enovid helps to kill the virus before it has a chance to incubate, as well as help you get better quicker from an existing infection.

How do I use Enovid?

As a preventative measure, it is recommend to spray Enovid twice in each nostril three times a day. If you think you may have been exposed to the Covid-19 virus, or are expecting to possibly be exposed, you can do 6 treatments a day of two sprays each nostril. Similarly, if you are concerned you have contracted the virus we recommend using the spray more often; it can be safely used up to 6 treatments a day.

Is it safe to use Enovid while taking other medications?

Due to the unique composition of Enovid, it is unlikely any of the product will be absorbed systematically. There are no known interactions.

Can I take Enovid during pregnancy?

There are currently no studies showing the safety of Enovid while pregnant of breastfeeding, and is therefore recommended not to be used.

Can Enovid help fight off any other diseases?

Yes! Enovid is shown to be effective on many upper respiraroty infections, including influenze, RSV, and chronic sinusitis.

Are you a licensed distributor for Enovid?

I am not associated or affiliated with Sanotize or Enovid. I am just a private individual trying to share Enovid with the world at an affordable price.